Sprem Problem

Sperm Problem

For men to impregnate the females, semen analysis should be normal.

Normal Semen Analysis parameters are as follows count - 15Million/ml, motility - 40%, Progressive motility - 32% and the morphology morethan- 4%.

In addition to count and motility, sperm morphology Is very crucial for natural conception

In patient with abnormal semen Analysis, we do complete hormone checking and examine them thoroughly to find out the cause of the problem.

Severe Sperm Problem

In IVF/ICSI treatment good sperm is selected, which is injected directly into the egg so that fertilization happens and embryo growth happens.

Semen freezing

For patients with high FSH, there are chances that despite treatment, semen parameters may go down even to zero. In those cases, early treatment is advocated. We do backup semen freezing for patients with high risk.

Sperm Problem with previous IVF treatment failure

Some patients fail in IVF patients because of poor sperm quality leading on to poor embryo quality

In those cases, we do special lCSl like micro fluidic ICSI, P-ICSI, IMSI, TESA-ICSI to get good sperms and hence good embryo quality.

In azoospermic men, we find out the reason for zero sperm count and treat accordingly.

Complete evaluation of obstructive and non obstructive azoospermia to find out the best solution for it.

We have TESA/ PESA/ Micro TESA and Testicular Biopsy to get sperms from testis in azoospermic man and pregnancy with own sperm is possible in majority of cases.

Life style Modification:

We advice on Appropriates life style changes

  • Food habits

  • Smoking and drinking sensation

  • Weight reduction

  • sugar control and others.

Antioxidant therapy for improving the sperm motility and the morphology

Hormone therapy in hormone deficiency problems.

In mild to modified problems, IUI treatment with special preparation technique.

In severe sperm problem azoospermic patients ICSI offersthe best chance of conceiving with own sperm

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