Sprem Problem

Sperm Problem with previous IVF treatment failure

Some patients fail in IVF patients because of poor sperm quality leading on to poor embryo quality

In those cases we give pre IVF special antioxidant medication to improve the quality of the available sperms

In those cases, we do special lCSl like micro fluidic ICSI, P-ICSI, IMSI, TESA-ICSI to get good sperms and hence good embryo quality.


In azoospermic men, we find out the reason for zero sperm count and treat accordingly.

Complete evaluation of obstructive and non obstructive azoospermia to find out the best solution for it.

We have TESA/ PESA/ Micro TESA and Testicular Biopsy to get sperms from testis in azoospermic men and pregnancy with own sperm is possible in majority of cases.

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