IVF Failure Patients

Multiple IVF Failure Patients

For patients who had previous failed IVF cycles before, lot of advanced treatment options are available

Blastocyst transfer

  • When the female age is advanced or when the sperm problem is severe, embryos may not grow after D3.

  • We prefer D5 Blasocyst transfer rather than D2 or D3 embryos. In this technique we culture the embryos upto D5 to find out which embryos are growing well and eligible for embryo transfer

  • Transfer of blastocyst yields high success rate

  • Other techniques like ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) and PGT (Preimplantation genetic testing) may help in finding the reason for failure in previous cycle.

Laser hatching

  • When the female age is more than 35 and when hormone problem are present in the female, the outer layer of the embryo becomes thick and hard in those cases hatching of the embryo by its own might not happen

  • By using laser assisted hatching technique, we thin the outer layer of the embryo in certain places, so that hatching become easier and implantation becomes more

Embryo glue

  • This is a special media used during embryo transfer which increases the implantation rate

Microfluid ICSI

  • This technique is useful for selecting the best sperm for ICSI treatment.

  • This is especially useful in patients with Severe sperm problem/ abnormalities and in patients with previous poor embryo quality


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